Food Shield & Sneeze Guard Components for All Commercial Foodservice Applications


The only NSF/ANSI 2 food shield system certified for... 

  • Complete Food Shield with Tempered Glass
  • Food Shield Post Assemblies
  • Food Shield Components

DIY Food Shield Post Assemblies & Clamps.

Provide your own acrylic or tempered glass. We provide the templates, glass drawings and specifications for you. 

Components & parts in stock & ready to ship in the USA.

Purchase subassemblies, components, and other parts in bulk for OEM or other large projects where high quality is required.

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A collection of sneeze guard and food shield parts to easily assemble. Adjustable, durable food guards for operator or self-service operations.

A series of sneeze guard and food shield clamps that allow you to easily configure display cases and vertical shields for operator service. 



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Food Protection Needs

Take our food protection questionnaire to learn which components are needed to build your perfect food protection system.


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Connekt Popular Sneeze Guard Model Kits

V10 Double Convertible, Adjustable Sneeze Guard

V6 Double Operator-serve Vertical Food Shield

V4 Double Operator-serve Enclosed Display Case

V2 Single Self-serve Adjustable Food Shield with Top Shelf

Build Your Best Food Protection System with Sneeze Guard Components for Every Application


Order sneeze guard components or kits to build the perfect food protection system for your space. Multiple options, build your own. Shipped within the USA with plans, guides, and CAD files to help with installation, 100% free.




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